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N-RICH – 150 gram

N-RICH is a non-dairy, chocolate flavored ready-to-eat pudding especially rich in calories and protein.

N-RICH is designed to provide calorie and protein enrichment to the daily diet. The pudding contains carbohydrates, protein and canola oil, similar to that in a typical diet. N-RICH’s protein source is a soy protein that helps build muscle and supplement protein deficiencies.

N-RICH is used as a supplement to the daily diet with or between meals.

The combination of N-RICH in the daily diet may be helpful in cases of malnutrition, nutritional risk, involuntary weight loss, pre-op and post-op patients, poor appetite, and more.

Before opening N-RICH, does not require refrigerated storage. It is easy to store and carry.

N-RICH is sold in 150 gram packs.

Non-Dairy Kosher under the Haredi Beit Din Tzedek

Before using N-RICH, consult a professional, who will determine the recommended quantity.

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מק"ט: 13002SH

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