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About Easy Line

Easy Line was founded in 2001 as an Israeli company (blue and white) dedicated to producing special food preparations, dietary supplements and daily dietary enrichment products. Our long-term strategic vision involves constantly listening and staying attuned to the expectations of our local and international clientele, including patients, doctors, dietitians, nurses, pharmacies, etc., while remaining sensitive to the unique needs of the Israeli market.

Easy Line specializes in the production of food preparations intended for tube feeding, as well as food preparations used for nutritional enrichment in liquid, powder and dietary supplements. The products were developed by integrating the extensive nutritional knowledge of clinical dietitians and food technologists while considering the special needs of the population for which the products are intended.

Easy Line has revolutionized the market for specialty food products and nutritional supplements in Israel. Facing powerful, veteran companies in the Israeli market, Easy Line’s strong determination and faith in its approach and its products enabled it to break the hegemony of companies in Israel importing corresponding products from abroad. Easy Line markets its range of products to various hospitals in Israel, nursing homes, HMOs and the private sector.

Easy Line products are manufactured in Israel in accordance with the highest quality standards, including the internationally recognized ISO 9003, HACCP and GMP standards. As a result, it has developed and produced high quality, reliable and outstanding food preparation and nutritional supplement products. The company’s vision is to develop a wide range of products and to ensure that these important contributions to the daily diet are accessible to those needing specialized food products and nutritional supplements in Israel and abroad.

Easy Line develops and markets a variety of liquid products and powders that provide many nutritional solutions for both nutritional enrichment and for complete meal replacements.

The company’s products can be used as a beneficial and efficient source of calories, protein and vitamins for individuals with a variety of conditions.

In addition, the products can prove suitable for those engaged in sports, traveling abroad, hiking and more.

All of the company’s products are manufactured in Israel: blue and white.

Easy Line also focuses on developing a variety of products with the Haredi Beit Din Tzedek Kashrut certification.

For details about all the products, please visit the online store.

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