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תוספת ויטמינים לגיל המבוגר
What is a dietary supplement? Dietary supplements are usually vitamins and minerals which are recommended to be added to the daily diet in cases of deficiency. Why are dietary supplements recommended for
What is special about whey protein? Protein is an essential and vital nutrient for the human body. Proteins are the building blocks for creating skeletal muscles and internal organs and they
The Easy Fiber formula has been manufactured and marketed in Israel on a continuous basis since 2004. Produced by Easy Line, Easy Fiber is the first Israeli formula developed for
When will tube feeding be recommended? As a rule, tube feeding, or enteral feeding, is recommended only in cases in which feeding through the mouth is not possible. Tube feeding allows
What are the primary reasons for lack of appetite among the elderly? Lack of appetite is a common problem among the elderly, which significantly affects their health and vitality. Detecting and
A balanced nutritional regimen includes food items from all the food groups. The Israeli food pyramid or the American plate simulation emphasize what is needed to ensure that we receive
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