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+ - Are Easy Line products manufactured in Israel?

Easy Line products are manufactured in Israel under the most stringent quality conditions.

+ - Are Easy Line’s products approved for manufacture and marketing by Israel’s Ministry of Health?

Easy Line products are manufactured in Israel under the highest internationally recognized quality standards, including ISO 9003, HACCP, and GMP standards. As a result, Easy Line has developed and produced high quality, reliable and outstanding products in the food products and dietary supplement market. All of our products are manufactured in factories licensed by Israel’s Ministry of Health.

+ - Where can I purchase Easy Line products in Israel?

The company’s products that are included in the basket of approved medicines can be purchased at HMOs in accordance with the policy and inclusion decision of the HMO.

In addition, Easy Line markets its products through its marketing system. The products are delivered to the customer’s home. For details, call 04-6327777.

+ - Is Easy Fiber designed for long-term feeding?

In a clinical trial in which there was long-term use of Easy Fiber as an exclusive supplement, there was a significant increase in protein and hemoglobin levels, balanced blood sugar levels and in reaching weight targets. Based on these results, Easy Fiber may be used as for long-term feeding.

+ - Is fat the main source of energy in Easy Milk 2, thus increasing the concentration of the calories of the product?

The fat in Easy Milk 2 accounts for 36% of calories. Easy Milk 2 has a balanced nutritional composition that accords with the recommendations for proper nutrition. Most of the fat comes from canola oil. Some of the fat comes from MCT fat, which is easy to digest and absorb.

+ - What is the importance of dietary fiber in Easy Line’s products?

Dietary fiber is part of the daily diet, as are the other ingredients recommended for a balanced diet. According to the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI), 20-30 grams of fiber should be consumed daily, according to age and gender. Dietary fiber has many beneficial short-term and long-term effects. It should be noted that adequate dietary fiber intake is important for the health of the intestine, which is the basis for proper absorption of all other nutrients.

+ - What are prebiotic fibers?

Prebiotic fibers can’t be digested by the enzymes of the small intestine and serve as a feeding ground for friendly bacteria.

+ - Do you have products suitable for diabetics?

Easy Fiber, containing dietary fiber, is used as an exclusive dietary supplement and is also suitable for patients with diabetes. In a clinical study that monitored patients exclusively fed with Easy Fiber, there was a significant average reduction of 35% in blood sugar levels. Easy Daily can be used as a dietary replacement or for enriching the daily diet. The product is balanced and contains a small amount of sugar that may also be suitable for patients with unbalanced sugar levels. A recommended dose of Easy Milk 2 contains a small amount of sugar in proportion to calories and may also be suitable for patients with diabetes. Anin and Easy Shake are food enrichment powders that can be used to prepare a pudding or flavor rich shake. Because of their high concentrations of fat, they can be incorporated into the daily diet of patients with diabetes. Mid Day is a powder intended for enrichment with no added sugar. In all cases, consult a dietitian or doctor prior to use.


+ - I have a patient who has lost weight but suffers from difficulty in swallowing and cannot be given fluids. Do you have products suitable for people with difficulty swallowing?

Anin is a powder for preparing a pudding rich in calories and protein without sucrose, and is suitable as an addition to the daily diet in cases of difficulty in swallowing. One serving of 50 grams contains 280 Kcal and 10 grams of protein. The powder can be mixed with milk, water or prepared food such as porridge, cream, fruit puree and more. Another product that provides a solution for patients suffering from difficulty in swallowing is Easy Thickener. Easy Thickener is a powder based on starch used to thicken liquids, such as water, coffee, tea, cocoa, etc., at any temperature and with no aftertaste, is intended for cases of difficulty in swallowing. Another product that provides a solution for patients suffering from difficulty in swallowing is String. String is food thickener mixes easily into foods and beverages, in any temperatures, clear. Does not alter the taste of food and drink. For patients with dysphagia or swallowing difficulties. According to IDDSI guidelines.

+ - I have a patient who lost weight and adamantly refuses to take nutritional enrichment of any kind. Do you have a solution?

Easy Calorie is a calorie-rich powder with no added flavor that can be added to a meal to increase caloric intake and provide complete nutritional content. Easy Calorie Powder can be added directly to food or drink, depending on the calories required and the tolerance of the patient. It is suitable for those seeking to control their daily calorie intake.

Easy Shake is a soluble powder rich in calories ,whey protein and prebiotic fibers .Dissolves in water or milk or can be added to porridge,yoghurt, sour cream, etc.

Mid Day is a non-dairy powder with a high concentration of calories and protein that can be added to a meal for nutritional content. It has a neutral, mildly salty flavor and can be added to foods such as eggs, pie, soup, patties, etc., without significantly changing the flavor.

+ - What are the benefits of whey protein over other natural proteins such as egg protein, soy protein and others?

Whey protein contains beta-lactoglobulin, a rich source of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) which provide the muscles with available energy. Whey protein strengthens the immune system by increasing levels of GSH-Glutathione in the body. GSH is a natural antioxidant that neutralizes the activity of free radicals, which result from oxidative stress that occurs in trauma, disease or inflammation. Whey protein is easy to digest, as it moves quickly from the stomach to the intestines and is absorbed rapidly.

+ - What are the benefits of the Easy Golden Age multivitamin over others multivitamins?

Easy Golden Age is a unique multivitamin for seniors. Its composition was determined by a committee of experts from Israel’s Ministry of Health and the Hebrew University. This collaboration represents a revolutionary step, as until now, the contents of multivitamins for seniors has been determined by manufacturers and resellers. Each Easy Golden Age multivitamin capsule contains about half of the recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals in order to avoid harmful excess. Nutrients contained include: Vitamins A, D, and E to prevent oxidation; choline, to improve the physiological condition of the elderly in conditions of stress and normal brain function; and 100% of the recommended dose of Vitamin B12, due to poor absorption in old age. The multivitamin capsule does not contain iron, as excess iron may impair the health and physiological condition of the elderly, or Vitamin K, which may counteract anticoagulants. The capsule is small and easy to swallow. The Easy Golden Age capsule can be opened, and its contents mixed with food. It is also suitable for the elderly who suffer from difficulty in swallowing.

+ - Do you have products suitable for those adhering to a vegan lifestyle?

Mid Day, is a mildly salty powder designed to provide calorie and protein enrichment to the daily diet.based on soy protein only.

Easy Calorie, a powder based on a plant-based carbohydrate, is designed to enrich the daily diet without changing the food’s flavor or texture.

Easy Drink is a non -dairy complete liquid supplement,based on soy protein with addition of vitamins and minerals .beit din Tzedek kashrut certification

+ - Are the company's products in the pharmaceutical basket?
Yes, a variety of products are in the 2022 medicine basket under different labels.

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