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Easy Whey – 2 kg

Easy Whey is a whey protein powder designed to supplement the daily diet of those with protein deficiencies. Easy Whey contains natural ingredients derived from milk. Many large medical institutions in Israel now use Easy Whey.

Easy Whey is suitable for use in cases of malnutrition, nutritional risk, pre-op and post-op patients, sarcopenia, burns, pressure sores and more. Due to its beneficial properties for muscles, Easy Whey is also suitable for those who engage in sports on a regular basis, as it can improve muscle mass with its accessible and easy-to-use protein.

Easy Whey has a neutral flavor with the sweetness typical of milk. It can be integrated into in a wide variety of meals and foods, such as smoothies, milk, yogurt, omelets, pancakes, cakes and more.

Easy Whey is sold in 1 kg and 2 kg packs.

Kosher Dairy.

Before using Easy Whey, consult a professional, who will determine the recommended quantity.

Suitable from age 1 and older.

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Ingredients: whey protein, Lecithin.

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