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Vitamin Supplements for the Elderly

What is a dietary supplement?

Dietary supplements are usually vitamins and minerals which are recommended to be added to the daily diet in cases of deficiency.

Why are dietary supplements recommended for the elderly?

The risk of developing nutritional deficiencies increases for the elderly. A variety of studies show that 30% to 50% of the elderly do not consume adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. In addition, in Israel, elderly people, whether living in institutions or at home, may suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Based on these findings, Israel’s Ministry of Health has formulated a recommendation taking a daily nutritional supplement with a unique composition for the elderly population.

What exactly is a unique nutritional supplement for the elderly?

A supplement for the elderly should contain about half of the daily recommended dose for most components, including vitamins and minerals. The supplement should be easy to swallow.

What about the elderly who have problems swallowing?

The recommended dietary supplement for the elderly should not contain essential elements such as calcium, phosphorus, and manganese, as these will significantly increase the capsule size. In addition, according to the Ministry of Health, the components in the capsule should be protected by a micro-coating allowing for their gradual release in the intestine. In addition, the capsule should be able to be opened so that its contents can be added to food, in cases of liquids, porridges and other foods with suitable consistencies.

Easy Golden Age dietary supplement from Easy Line

Easy Golden Age is manufactured in accordance with the recommendations of Israel’s Ministry of Health. It contains about half of the recommended daily doses of vitamins and minerals. The capsule can be opened so that its contents can be added to food in cases of swallowing difficulties.

Supplementation of vitamins for older age
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