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Easy Fiber

The Easy Fiber formula has been manufactured and marketed in Israel on a continuous basis since 2004.

Produced by Easy Line, Easy Fiber is the first Israeli formula developed for sole-source nutrition. Since launching Easy Fiber, Easy Line continues to develop nutritionally-complete liquid formulas in addition to other enrichment products, including Easy Meal k2 – containing 2 kcal/ml, Easy Daily- containing 1.3 kcal/ml and a high protein concentration of 20% ,and Easy Drink a non-dairy formula based on soy protein with high kosher certification.

It should be noted that the process of developing a nutrition formula, conducting tests and meeting regulations takes a number of years.

Easy Fiber has been approved as a designated nutritionally-complete food product by the Israeli Ministry of Health. It is included in the health basket for a number of indications and has been adopted by many institutions in Israel as a sole-source nutrition formula.

Local production of nutrition formulas has led to significant changes in the medical food market in Israel. As a result, there has been a significant expansion in the use of different medical food formulas in Israel, which has significantly improved the quality of nutritional treatment in Israel. Furthermore, competition has had a positive impact for consumers on the price of medical food in Israel.

A study published in 2007 examined metabolic changes as a result of the use two enteral feeding formulas, comparing Easy Fiber to a similar fiber-free formula also used in Israel. It should be noted that Easy Fiber contained approximately 6  g/l more of protein than the competing product examined in the study, had a higher level of vitamins, (a smaller volume of formula was needed in order to meet the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI)), and contained dietary fiber. A 139 hospitalized patients participated in the study. They were tube fed (through NGT or PEG) with a similar volume of formula. The research was conducted for eight weeks. At the end of the follow-up period, a statistically significant improvement was found in hemoglobin, albumin and glucose levels in the group that consumed Easy Fiber compared to those levels at the start of the follow-up and compared to those of the group fed with the competing product.

These changes in metabolic indices were attributed to the composition of Easy Fiber. It should be noted that after the publication of this article, marketing of the competing product studied in the article was discontinued, and a formula with similar protein and vitamin content to Easy Fiber was introduced in the Israeli market.

Is There a Difference in Metabolic Outcome Between Different enteral formulas?

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