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Anin – 1 kg


Anin is a powder for preparing pudding rich in calories and protein. The source of Anin’s protein is whey, that, in the right dosage, helps in increasing muscle mass and supplementing protein deficiencies in the body.

Anin is used as a supplemental food for the daily diet with or between meals. Integrating Anin into the daily diet may be helpful in cases of malnutrition, difficulty in swallowing, nutritional risk, involuntary weight loss, pre-op and post-op patients, loss of appetite, and more.

Anin is rich in calories and protein. The powder dissolves easily in a small volume of liquid, such as water or milk. The pudding can be combined with a variety of foods, such as cakes, cream for cakes, fillings for blintzes, and more.

Anin is sold in 1 kg packs.

Kosher Dairy

Before using Anin, consult a professional, who will determine the recommended quantity.

Ingredients: canola oil, modified starch (E 1442), whey protein, maltodextrin, flavors, sweetener.

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