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Easy Meal-k 2 – 1000 ml

Easy Meal-k 2 is a unique concentrated food that provides a complete, balanced diet, including fiber. It is suitable for tube feeding or as a supplement to the daily diet. Easy Meal-k 2 is nutritionally balanced, containing all the vitamins, minerals and soluble dietary fiber recommended in a balanced and full diet. It provides an effective response in cases where there is an increased demand for energy and protein.

Easy Meal-k 2 can be used for patients who require concentrated food and limited daily fluid intake, and in cases where there is a need to reduce feeding hours or to receive small doses. With its rich flavor,Easy Meal-k 2 is very beneficial in cases of appetite or eating capacity impairment, changes in the sense of taste as a result of a medical treatment or poor medical condition, and pre-op and post-op patients.

Easy Meal-k 2 is sold in 250 ml personal packs and in 1000 ml packs.

Easy Meal-k 2 is ready-to-use a liquid, with an easy opening with a stopper. It does not require refrigeration until after it is opened. After opening, the closed package can be kept refrigerated for up to 48 hours.

Easy Meal-k 2 is available in two flavors: vanilla and mild coffee with a rich flavor.

Kosher Dairy

Before usingEasy Meal-k 2, consult a professional, who will determine the recommended quantity.

A number of health insurance plans includeEasy Meal-k 2 in their drug baskets.

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