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Mid Day – 1 kg

mid day

Mid Day is a mildly salty powder designed to provide calorie and protein enrichment to the daily diet.

Mid Day consists of carbohydrates, protein and fat, similar to those in a typical diet and is used as a supplemental food together with meals in the daily diet. It contains soy and egg proteins, both of which have high biological value, to supplement protein deficiencies in the body.

Integrating Mid Day into the daily menu may be helpful in cases of malnutrition, difficulty in swallowing, nutritional risk, involuntary weight loss, pre-op and post-op patients, loss of appetite, and more. With many of Easy Line’s dietary products being sweet, Mid Day provides a solution for all those who love salt.

Mid Day can be combined with a wide variety of meals and dishes: soup, mashed potatoes, patties, pies, omelet and more.

Mid Day is sold in 1 kg packs.

Non-Dairy Kosher under the Haredi Beit Din Tzedek.

Suitable from age 3 and older.

Before using Mid Day, consult a professional, who will determine the recommended quantity

Preparation method of Mid Day:

Add 3 scoops of Mid Day (50 gr) to 1 cup (200 ml) of water/soup.

Stir until total dissolving.

It is suitable to enrich -soup, puree,meat balls (before cooking), omlet, quiche, vegetable fritter etc.

Use within an hour of finish of preparation.

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Ingredients: maltodextrin, soy protein, canola oil, chicory fibers.

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